Strategy & Innovation Monitoring

Every day, as a manager, you are faced with operational and strategic issues that are difficult to resolve. Through in-depth monitoring and the identification of innovative solutions, SprintProject connects you to the start-up ecosystem and informs your decision-making based on up-to-date, reliable and relevant information. Our End-to-End approach goes from strategic monitoring to the selection of the most relevant and mature solutions that best match your needs, or even, if you wish, to putting you in touch.



Do you want to update your knowledge on specific innovation topics, support your strategic analyzes or deepen your benchmarks? Thanks to our unique research methodology based on business intelligence, we design exclusive analyzes to support your strategy.

Solution Mapping

Do you want to have a complete vision of France, Europe, World, innovative solutions responding to a specific problem? SprintProject provides you with both exhaustive and synthetic insight into the solutions that meet your needs, whether they are provided by start-ups or by established providers.

Detection, Evaluation & Connection With Start-Ups

Are you looking to detect and better understand start-ups on a specific theme or an irritant? Through its unique and proven competitive intelligence methodologies and its exclusive monitoring network, SprintProject provides you an evaluation of each start-up, selects the most relevant and puts you in contact until the framing of the co-development project.



During a fundraising operation, the start-up (now scale-up) Sherpa Mobile Robotics (SMR), specializing in intra-logistics mobile robotics (AMR), wanted to evaluate its positioning within its market. It sought to identify its growth potential in an increasingly competitive environment. To meet this demand, SprintProject has mobilized its open source research skills at the international level, to establish an exhaustive benchmark and then formulate detailed recommendations to guide the strategic choices of the company and its investors.

Renault submitted to SprintProject an operational issue relating to the management of mobile assets with high added value. Our client has been looking for technological solutions for a long time that could change its organizational model and reduce excessive additional costs. SprintProject carried out an international mapping of innovations capable of solving this major dysfunction. We then qualified and compared, taking into account their level of maturity, the providers who appeared to be the most compatible with our client's environment. We finally offered him a short list of companies to contact as a priority.

DB Schenker wanted to be supported in the project management of innovative e-cyclo-logistics solutions, to enrich its pallet delivery service offering in urban areas. SprintProject identified, for him, K-Ryole, the most appropriate company that could meet all his needs. After an introduction by our teams, the collaboration of the two companies enabled the development of a new trailer, offering a unique service for the low-carbon last mile delivery market. Today, this vehicle is in the phase of large-scale industrialization. This project also won the 2022 Supply Chain Kings Innovation Prize.


Fabrice Lebas

Fabrice LEBAS
General Manager, Global Packaging Engineering, Renault Group

The study carried out by SprintProject shed essential light on a very complex topic with significant financial issues. Beyond the quality of the report and the access to exclusive information, the recommendations provided by the SprintProject teams greatly helped us in our decision-making.

Frédéric Vallet

Frédéric VALLET
CEO, DB Schenker France

SprintProject, brings together three skills within a single team. The ability to map start-ups, the neutrality to support us in building balanced partnerships with these start-ups and finally, the expertise to carry out consulting missions on specific subjects. Thanks to SprintProject, for example, we carried out a unifying urban logistics project by partnering with K-Ryole.


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