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A sector facing new challenges

Subject to increasingly strong regulatory constraints (Green Deal, AGEC law, Farm to Fork, etc.), the agri-food industry is at the heart of the challenges of societal and environmental transformation of our economy. To begin this transformation, product innovation is no longer enough. Players need to think and act as an ecosystem across their entire value chain, from production to distribution. The decarbonization of food consumption, the preservation of soil and water, the impact of packaging are all issues that require an innovative approach and increased collaboration between stakeholders and AgTech and FoodTech start-ups.

By its End-to-End approach, SprintProject offers its clients the ability to address these strategic issues and operational irritants through constant monitoring (regulations, technology, market) and to identify, then experiment with innovations likely to collectively accelerate the emergence of new models.

THE themes

Montage secteur Agri Agro SprintProject

Securing sourcing (collaboration with agricultural upstream), decarbonization

New ingredients

New packaging, eco design, recycling and plastic reduction

Circular Economy: bulk, deposit, food waste

Industrial productivity (Industry 4.0, Robotization/automation, digitalization, etc.)

Supply Chain: traceability, product information, masterdata, digital twin

Ecommerce, Direct to Consumer, vending

Personalization, CRM, social media

Last meter, mile


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