Supply Chain & Mobility

A sector facing new challenges

Characterized by low margins, the transport and logistics sector has seen the emergence in the recent years of new giants operating across the entire value chain, positioned both as customers and competitors, and endowed with an inordinate capacity for investment. Faced with successive crises, new consumer behaviour patterns and increased regulatory pressure, Supply Chain players must today deal with a profusion of innovations often driven by start-ups.

For the past 5 years, SprintProject has been working with key players in the sector to help them transform their business models, monitor innovations in real time and even foster experimentation by offering them the opportunity to pool their efforts. Based on common knowledge, they collaborate with each other and with the start-up ecosystem to build sustainable co-development projects with high scalability potential.

THE themes

Les thématiques Supply Chain & Mobilité

Last mile, Urban micro-hubs, Last meter personalization and Returns management

1st mile and SMB logistics

Industrialization of new last mile vehicles, Autonomous delivery vehicles

Development of XL withdrawal points

Connected objects and container traceability

Circular Economy Flow

Collaborative Autonomous Robots and Warehouse Optimization

Eco-responsible infrastructure and new energies


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