Fabien Esnoult, Founder

In 2017, with successful experience as an entrepreneur and Innovation Management in large groups, Fabien Esnoult created SprintProject with three convictions:

Innovation is a long run : it must be analyzed over time and captured at the right time.

Collaboration accelerates transformation : it is by connecting players that we will bring out new innovative models.

Innovation is a race in stages : it requires an end-to-end approach, which goes from understanding the issues to concrete experimentation.


Fabien Esnoult

Fabien founded and runs SprintProject. He is in charge of the company's strategy and of the Supply Chain, Mobility and Retail sectors.

Hervé Dechene
VP Strategy

Hervé is a recognized expert in entrepreneurial development and Open Innovation. He is the initiator of the Open Innovation methodologies followed by SprintProject.

Mathieu Boyer
Head Of Market Intelligence

Mathieu leads strategic analysis, monitoring and coordination of the start-up ecosystem.

Matthieu Naumescou photo

Matthieu Naumescou
Open Innovation Intern Analyst

Matthieu supports the teams in monitoring and analyzing innovations.

Eymeric De Pelleport
Head Of Customer Success

Eymeric leads customer support and co-development projects.

Lucas Wadt

Lucas Wadt
Innovation Project Manager

Lucas is in charge of monitoring the various collaborative projects between large group clients and innovative start-ups.

Coralie Louboutin
Head Of Marketing & Communication

Coralie leads the development of the product offer and communication with the ecosystem.

Rose Fradin
Product Manager

Rose is in charge of product offers, social networks and monitoring partnerships.

Thierry Pollier
Vp Consulting

Thierry is a Senior Consultant, expert in strategy and innovation.

Hubert-Marie Bouillet
Sales Associate

Hubert-Marie is in charge of business development.

Jean-Luc Delfesc photo

Jean-Luc Delfesc
River Expert

Jean-Luc is a Senior Consulting Expert in River Supply Chain.

Benoit Daumas
Operations Expert

Benoit is a Senior Consultant in Logistics Operations.

Jessica Bourrasset Administrative Manager

Jessica is in charge of accounting and human resources management.


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