Sector Retail


Driven for around fifteen years by the digital revolution, the Retail sector is rapidly transforming and requires ever more sophisticated omnichannel strategies from players. Intensifying regulatory pressure (AGEC law, DSA, European Green Deal, etc.) is pushing to speed up this transformation by integrating consumers' increasingly strong environmental and societal expectations, to which are added significant tensions on prices and availability of raw materials.

SprintProject provides “end to end” support to retailers to identify opportunities for innovation across all the value chain. Whether it's solving operational problems or optimizing strategic choices, SprintProject provides you with a strategic monitoring (regulatory, technological, market) to help you identify and then experiment with innovations brought by start-ups likely to collectively accelerate the emergence of new models and new offers.

THE themes

Product information (traceability, supply, masterdata)

Customer data (CRM, loyalty, receipts)

Robotization/automation (DA, lockers, warehouses, stores, etc.)

Customer experience (outages, journey, phygital, etc.)

Media store (showroom, Media Point of Sale)

Omnichannel: eCommerce, social commerce

Products (Eco design, sourcing risks, MDD vs. Brands)

Circular Economy: Bulk, deposit, food and non-food waste, Second Hand

Last meter, mile


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