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Victoire Guilbaud, Communications Manager, K-Ryole
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Delivery is a topic in the spotlight in 2019. In fact, this service is taking off considerably in the lives of the French. Speed, reliability, availability, etc., expectations are growing. And they can be met in just a few pedal strokes... thanks to innovative velo-gistics.

SprintProject sets out the priorities of French people in terms of delivery in its annual Observatory

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The survey highlights three important factors for delivery: price, possibility of returning the purchase and delivery time.

Logistics being a growing sector, we could think that the increase in overall delivery volumes has allowed logisticians to reduce their costs and thus make their activities profitable? Absolutely not. Indeed, the atomization of flows – multitude of “small” tours over specific time slots – does not make it possible to optimize the traditional means of delivery such as “large” motorized vehicles, which are unsuitable and polluting. The 200,000 daily deliveries from the capital intended for individuals are therefore not a guarantee of profitability and/or low prices.

It is clear that large-volume means of transport lose all added value in the last mile. This last distance represents 20% of the total cost of the freight transport value chain. Transporting to the last meters of a destination – as 84% consumers demand with home delivery – is time-consuming, and therefore expensive.

Cyclo-logistics, an effective solution, economical and responsible

Speed and mobility, bicycles are the answer to light, single-destination deliveries. They provide an opportunity to consider new ways of thinking about delivery.

For deliveries with more load or useful volume, cargo bikes, three-wheelers, two-wheelers, classic trailers and even motorized trailers have been developed. A large range of solutions. Economical in purchase and especially in use (price of fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.), they answer to the problems of businesses and above all to the needs of their customers:

Delivering the last mile is then possible at low cost. First of all, thanks to their purchase price. But also, thanks to how they work: gasoline, time lost in traffic jams or even parking in urban areas, so many elements that no longer need to be taken into consideration. Not to mention that cities are becoming more and more hostile to vehicles, through “anti-car” policies for example. Finally, their travel efficiency in urban areas no longer needs to be proven when we know that a professional vehicle wastes on average 2 hours in traffic jams every day.[1].

How to combine the efficiency of a bicycle with the functionality of a light vehicle for heavy loads?

K-Ryole, embedded intelligence serving people and the planet

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This is how the K-Ryole project – an innovative greentech startup awarded a prize by the European mobility startup competition – was born.

K-Ryole? It is the globally patented effort cancellation technology. It has enabled the development of electric trailers for professionals: towing, without any feeling of load, behind any bike and in a completely intuitive way.

With a K-Ryole, Bricorama divides its codelivery costs per 3

Bricorama is a tool brand. It offers its customers home delivery of their purchases.

Recently, Bricorama has seen an increasing demand for home delivery of “small baskets” in its urban stores. Meters of tiles, barbecues, garden furniture... Purchases that do not correlate with delivery prices whose minimum threshold is €39.

The loads of these baskets never exceed 1.5 cubic metres, Bricorama turned to K-Ryole. The trailer allows them to tow 250 kg without any effort, a real plus in the equipment sector! Thanks to K-Ryole, Bricorama now offers a unique and profitable service for €15.

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“We are proud to be able to innovate and revolutionize the last mile "

– L. Brunet, Bricorama group delivery manager

Feedback has already shown an annual saving of €9,400 compared to a light utility vehicle. It is also a unique communication tool that instantly catches the eye of passers-by. Indeed, it is possible to dress it in the color of your brand and take advantage of the notoriety it offers by roaming the cities.

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Uncompromising advantage 

Beyond all the financial impacts, cycle logistics is also a story of environmental impact. Using a K-Ryole means avoiding 770 kg of CO2 emissions per year.

It is also a French company. The 12 engineers design and produce intelligent trailers in Ivry sur Seine. Their goals are the quality, locality and robustness of the product: 73% components are French.

For the most curious, K-Ryole opens its doors on Thursday June 13 to present its models and its assembly line.

To register for the event > https://www.facebook.com/events/836490023398727/

To know more : https://k-ryole.com/

[1] (2) ALBA D., Last mile delivery, APUR, “Issues and trends for renewed logistics”, April 2018

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