The delivery of groceries between individuals is evolving

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Maharga, NADIR, Operations and marketing development manager, Courseur
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In 2019, SprintProject published the barometer “ Delivery services: realities on the expectations of the French " directed by OpinionWay for SprintProject and GS1-France. This barometer compares, for the first time, consumer delivery practices on internet and in physical stores.

On this occasion, SprintProject wanted to give voice to young companies at the heart of these subjects.

Delivery: surprising results

One in two people living in rural areas order online. We didn't think there were so many, compared to the Paris metropolitan area (64%) and the greater suburbs (59%).

In addition, only 10% has food shopping delivered, while this sector is increasingly concerned with distance selling. An analysis of the awareness and use of different delivery methods in rural areas has not been carried out. However, individuals in these sectors have very specific behaviors that it would be relevant to analyze.

It is also surprising to note that despite the recurring problems with home delivery (63% customers have had problems), deliveries to relay points are not more popular. Finally, the rate of returns of food orders (7%) seems very high to us, taking into account all the constraints linked to this sector in terms of hygiene and packaging. We don't understand how this is possible. Does this also concern fresh produce?

What these results imply for Courseur

In view of these results, we are reassured in the importance that distance selling is taking on, and more particularly that of food. We will be more vigilant about deliveries and will continue to provide quality after-sales service to satisfy our users in the event of delivery problems.

The areas of development that we are considering

To take advantage of the encouraging results regarding home delivery of groceries, we have decided to propose an evolution of our positioning by offering a shopping list application integrating 4,500 stores in France, while maintaining delivery between individuals. It will allow the sharing of lists between families, friends, neighbors or employees. Those who don't have loved ones to help them will still be able to order from users who offer rides on their way home from the stores.

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