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We are delighted to share with you the SprintProject methodology that characterizes our support approach to large companies in their innovation strategy, from strategic thinking to the implementation of concrete solutions. Our methodological approach is based on three fundamental pillars: strategic monitoring, analysis and project management.

Strategic Monitoring Method: Anticipate Innovation in your Sector

Reactive Innovation Monitoring

Our first step lies in a European and international strategic watch, allowing us to anticipate market innovation trends and technological developments. After understanding the needs of its customers, SprintProject quickly consolidates information to build strategic analyses, facilitating and accelerating decision-making in a constantly evolving environment. This proactive approach ensures optimal responsiveness to changing market needs, strengthening our position as a key innovation partner.

On behalf of its customers, SprintProject gathers information on:

  • Consumer trends
  • Regulations
  • Technological development
  • Start-ups and innovative companies
  • VCs (risk capital) and financing

Tools and Method

Our strategic monitoring team uses economic intelligence methods, drawing on open-source research, gathered via several professional monitoring tools, and human intelligence, through meeting sessions with innovative players in the sector, the Sitting Start-ups.

These monitoring tools make it possible to identify in real time start-ups linked to a targeted innovation theme, and to make an initial selection, to keep only those which answer to the specific innovation theme. Then, we evaluate the relevance of start-up solutions by consolidating additional information such as financing, region, fundraising, etc. This global approach ensures that we quickly obtain the best results and information to carry out strategic analyzes or solution mappings with very high added value.

To see the teaser of the study on Generative AI applied to customer service.

In-depth support

In connection with our clients' activities, our methodology also allows us to provide them with information that highlights technologies, trends or market opportunities that they have not yet identified. Our support ensures that they do not leave any blind spots in the monitoring of their market.

In-depth Analysis of Innovative Solutions: Precise Insight, Assured Decisions

The second cornerstone of our methodology lies in the analysis of the maturity level of the identified start-ups.

Detection of Strategic Opportunities

SprintProject analyzes the solutions of start-ups identified through monitoring and assesses their relevance to the priorities of its clients. The definition of Open Innovation at SprintProject is characterized by the action of seeking from start-ups, innovation that a company does not possess, or cannot develop internally quickly enough.

How does SprintProject evaluate start-ups?

To evaluate and monitor these start-ups, SprintProject uses Pitch and Rise, a collaborative platform that makes it possible to identify, monitor and characterize, over time, the strengths, areas of progress and points of vigilance of start-ups. Our experts position the innovative solution of these start-ups on two distinct scales: the level of technological maturity and market maturity. Then, they evaluate them on the following criteria:  

  • The quality of the team (legitimacy, credibility, attractiveness)
  • Knowledge of their market
  • The presentation (given by its founder)
  • The dynamics, construction, execution and suitability of the solution

SprintProject's customers, having access to Pitch and Rise, can themselves consult the profiles of the start-ups that interest them, analyze their relevance, the ratings and comments on their profile. Making this tool a powerful source of information accessible at any time on which our customers can rely for documentation.

Comprehensive Assessments

These assessments are completed during Sitting Start-ups, sessions dedicated to meeting innovative start-ups and assessing the relevance of their solutions, in complete confidentiality.

SprintProject ensures that it maintains an essential objective vision during these meetings with start-ups, thus guaranteeing effective contact with its large group clients.  

Innovative Co-Development Project Management: A Collaborative Methodology

Finally, our third axis is the management of collaborative and co-development projects between start-ups and corporate businesses.

Collaborative Approach: Start-ups and Corporate Businesses

By combining the evaluation of start-ups in our ecosystem with the monitoring of our customers' needs, our experts are able to match the most appropriate start-up with one or more of our customers at the right time. However, turning an innovative idea into a reality requires a global framework and management to maximise efficiency. Our mission is to ensure the viability of the project, to align the objectives of all stakeholders on a common project and to guarantee a balanced collaboration between start-ups and major groups.

Acculturating our Corporate Businesses Customers to Anticipate Collaborations

The mixing of worlds between start-ups and corporate businesses is not always easy. For corporate businesses, it is often necessary to begin real preparation to consider working with start-ups. In its support, SprintProject acculturates large groups in their knowledge of start-ups. These training courses allow Managers, their Management Committees as well as teams working on a co-development project to understand start-up and large group relationships more calmly, thanks to an understanding of the specificities of entrepreneurship. : its language, its constraints, its needs and the different associated stages.

Do you have a vision? SprintProject supports you, from start to finish, in your innovation strategy, from strategic thinking to the implementation of concrete solutions!

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