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From storage to last mile transportation

 The story of Trusk didn't start yesterday, it is one of those creations which is born from an idea that leads to another.

“My partners Sébastien TRONEL, Jonathan ASQUIER and I had previously launched a storage company for individuals. Our particularity? We allowed them to manage their affairs remotely without having to travel because we were responsible for their travel in less than 24 hours. After six months of activity it finally appeared to us that the transport part in the form of “UBERization” was the most promising” explains Thomas EFFANTIN, co-founder and CEO of Trusk.

The birth of Trusk and its beginnings on Bon Coin

But how can you test this delivery service quickly? The three partners then decided to use a truck and offer a private-to-individual delivery service via the second-hand sales site Le Bon Coin. The phone calls to individuals keep coming and the feedback is positive: “After just two weeks, word of mouth had worked well and we had more and more customers. Therefore, we contacted carriers to increase our production force. That’s when Trusk was born.” 

 After three months of activity and the trust of an investment fund, the Trusk team made a new observation which marks the second stage of their evolution: “The individuals who called on us again all had the same need. They wanted us to collect their purchases from department stores (IKEA, etc.). » In fact, the delivery time for orders from these major brands was generally 2 to 3 weeks plus very wide time slots (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.). But at a time when consumers are looking for flexibility and immediacy, the services offered were absolutely not adapted to their needs.

They then decide to turn to certain Retailers and offer them a delivery service. After a conclusive test with Leroy Merlin, Trusk definitively chose B2B2C and became a Transport Agent.

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Trusk and its Truskers: quality and transparency

Recruitment of professionals

The choice of B2B2C transport confirmed, the priority was to recruit carriers to work with Trusk: “Selecting quality employees was our first requirement. We created a three-step recruitment protocol before validating the integration of future Truskers” explains Thomas EFFANTIN to us. “We systematically check candidates’ licenses. They then follow training with theoretical and practical aspects which is culminated by an exam. Successful candidates finally complete a one-month test which ends with a customer rating. Transporters receiving a minimum score of 9/10 become Truskers. »

A completely transparent service

The Trusk application centralizes deliveries on demand from Retailers of all sizes (Leroy Merlin, Ikea,, Alinéa etc.) for packages from 30 kg to 1.2 tonnes. Trusk carriers deliver to the chosen room and collect the packaging and old equipment.

The entire process has been digitalized and allows for real transparency: “The Retailer can permanently access our process directly integrated into their monitoring table: from order taking to the customer's signature and the photo of the goods arriving at their destination. For the customer, we allow them to track in real time where the delivery person is for the duration of the mission” underlines Thomas EFFANTIN.

The development of a logistics service

But the adventure doesn't stop there. For two years, Trusk has launched into logistics and offers a new solution for e-commerce: At the time, we won a tender for IKEA when we had just launched into the logistics sector. Since then, we have collected 45% from IKEA's Parisian flows and are managing delivery from the Swedish brand's warehouses throughout Ile-de-France! And since January 2020, we have extended this offer to other customers…”

Trusk’s 2021 ambitions: in France and Europe

Trusk operates in more than 11 cities in France and Switzerland with warehouses in the Paris region and Toulouse. The goal in 2021? Develop the delivery and warehouse part simultaneously!

“Covid19 has accelerated digitalization and logistics today has a very important place for brands. This is a great opportunity for Trusk! »

And in 5 years? Thomas EFFANTIN is already planning to extend Trusk's solutions to Belgium and Spain, but also to accentuate the brand's ecological values: “We already have the ambition of switching all our vehicles to electric within two years”

A great adventure and promising projects…


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