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From January the 9th to the 12th, 2024, SprintProject was present at the 2024 CES exhibit, the global meeting place for future technological innovations. In this article, you will discover the highlights, exclusive discoveries and essential insights from the Las Vegas exhibit.

First impressions : the 2024 CES confirms the underlying trends observed by SprintProject

The SprintProject experts roamed the historic halls of the CES, in search of technological innovations. The observation: a relative timidity of Generative AI compared to buzz media in recent months. Large groups are still in an exploratory and appropriation phase. One question remains: are certain use cases real game changers or just gadgets?

The electric mobility, for its part, is reaching a new milestone, with an increasingly mature ecosystem, despite market fragmentation.

Although the autonomous vehicle has not experienced a major breakthrough this year, the rise in performance of sensors and software continues.

Finally, the subject of #sustainability often remains wishful thinking, with a few exceptions.

Focus on the Venetian and Eureka Park: Innovative start-ups in the spotlight

At the Venetian and Eureka Park, SprintProject noted a significant increase in the number of start-ups compared to 2023, with exciting innovations.

These young companies proudly display their solutions dedicated to making models more sustainable. In particular, on issues linked to green energies, with a development of solar for all surfaces, in all forms and for all objects or even the emergence of ammonia technologies. As the circular economy, which takes shape via use cases in the field of bioplastic and management of second life of batteries, illustrating a real commitment of young companies to responsible management of resources.

Generative AI is more present among start-ups, explainable by the overall level of maturity of the theme. However, the proportion of start-ups remains relatively modest given the excitement of 2023 on the subject – see you at the 2025th CES?

Focus Innovation Supply Chain and innovative project

In the field of Supply Chain, there robotics takes a new turn with FingerVision's intelligent gripper, offering a more agile approach to handling goods.

As for the challenges related to last mile, the shared locker from Harbor Lockers by Luxer One offers new perspectives for urban logistics.

The collaboration between Gatik and Goodyear Fleet in the field of autonomous vehicles transforms transport on the middle mile, promising more secure automation.

Tackling the decarbonization of heavy goods vehicles, the solutions, among others, from PACCAR and Quantron AG, including hydrogen and electric, open the way to more respectful and sustainable logistics.

Every year, SprintProject goes to CES in Las Vegas to extract new trends and innovations. This year again, SprintProject invites you to deepen these discoveries in a full report bringing together the key lessons to remember from this 2024 edition, focus on innovative start-ups, the main emerging trends and strategic analyzes. At the end of a presentation by our experts, you will have all the keys to assess the impacts of these advances in your sector of activity, but also identify business opportunities and collaborations with start-ups.

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