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Interview with Mickaël CARVALHO & Arthur GUELTON – Co-Founders of Find & Order

We have observed for several years that the supply chain is changing and reinventing itself.

One of the factors driving these changes is the arrival of new technologies, technologies which are often not directly developed for our sector but which find areas of application there.

Find & Order is typically in this case.

It is an indoor geolocation solution in the form of a mobile application (indoor GPS) without infrastructure, based on variations in the earth's magnetic field and guiding users equipped with any terminal.

Basically, this solution was developed primarily in a retail context, but the founders are starting to see the potential for warehouses.


SprintProject: Mickaël, Arthur, what is thethe story of Find & Order?

Arthur: “I did a master's degree at Science Po and when I left I went to Australia for 3 years, to Sydney, where I was country manager for a subsidiary of Rocket Internet.

Mickaël: “I am an engineer by training, after a few years spent at L'Oreal in the research and security division I left in 2015 via a spin-off.

The adventure started from this swarming. We did two and a half years of R&D with 4/5 developers. Following which we launched an exploration phase between April and September 2017 and then began marketing the product immediately. In January 2018 we signed our first contract with Immochan, the real estate subsidiary of the Auchan group.

SprintProject: So what is the idea?

We are developing a new purchasing experience for store consumers by offering precise product mapping.

With the data collected, we enhance the sales spaces and shelves. We can also provide additional services such as real-time location of sellers.

The mobile interface is built around 2 components.

  • A map of places produced using a robot developed by Geonomie ( which depends on the laboratory of the University of Orléans.
  • Optimization of routes based on 3D mapping produced from architect plans and algorithms developed based on deep learning.

From a technical point of view, we find the positioning of a product at 25 cm (20 on iPhone, 40 on Android) and the height positioning accuracy is 30 to 40 cm.

We have a patent on cartography and 2 patents on processes.

SprintProject: And today?

Since the beginning, we have primarily targeted retailers, airports, shopping malls and large distributors. Our clients are the operators of these spaces.

We also thought about the world of the supply chain. It seems possible to us to develop solutions to identify products, manage picking circuits, analyze and optimize operator movements.

SprintProject:'what is the'future of Find&Order?

We will have to manage our growth and follow our technical development roadmap.

The pace of our growth is more sustained than expected. We were on a forecast basis of €300k in 2019 and a priori, we will be around €500k, or even more. As a result, we are in the process of fundraising and it is possible that we will do a second one next year.

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SprintProject: With Find&Order we typically have the case of a technological solution, originally developed in a retail environment, whose application can be transposed into a logistics environment. Moreover, following this interview, several SprintProject partners expressed their interest in the subject. There is no doubt that we will find strategic partners to support our young leaders.


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