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Eliette VINCENT, co-founder and president of Cocolis
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How can you turn a great shopping experience online or in store into a disaster? Nothing like a delivery that goes wrong.

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While deliveries are booming thanks to the strong growth in online shopping, the customer experience remains the crux of the matter.

Wouldn’t co-transportation be an innovative solution to improve the delivery experience?

It's not everything to deliver quickly, you must above all deliver well

Speed of transport has become an essential criterion for online shopping. Sites like Amazon deliver almost instantly. Cost is also an important criterion. More and more sites are offering to take out a subscription which offers free and unlimited delivery (Amazon, Veepee, La Redoute).

But that's not all deliver quickly, it would also be necessary deliver well.

Indeed, SprintProject's "Delivery services: a reality check on French people's expectations" barometer reveals that in 2019, 62% of them would not be satisfactory.

At least one problem is encountered when the package is received, in more than half of the cases. However, note an improvement because this rate has fallen by 5 points since 2018.

Significant progress in the supply chain now makes it possible to deliver very quickly. But delivery is unfortunately not yet quite at the level expected by customers.

The main problems encountered during delivery.

The package is not placed in the correct place.

This problem would occur in 21% of cases. Sometimes the package was dropped off at a relay point. Sometimes on a logistics platform. But sometimes the package is also put into the wrong hands. Or left in a public place: garden or on the mailbox.

The passage notice.

In 31% of cases, the delivery person did not deliver the product while the recipient
(or one of his relatives) was at home.

The property has been mistreated.

Finally, the barometer reveals that 9% would be prepared to pay more to unpack the parcel in front of the delivery person, so that they can check its condition. Not surprising, given that 36% have had a product damaged or broken during transport.

How to do better? Co-transportation is a good option.

Did you know that the collaborative delivery aims to resolve these concerns?

“Co-transportation” is a collaborative delivery solution. It is also called “cocolisage” or “parcel-carpooling”. This mode of transport allows people who make a journey to transport goods for other people. A bit like Blablacar, but for parcels. It works over short distances (local) or longer distances (national, European).

According to Marc Lolivier of FEVAD: “if parcel-carpooling is still very underdeveloped (1%), 15% of e-commerce sites are considering using it. »


Co-transportation is a good option for delivering B2C and B2B. It brings undeniable advantages in terms of customer satisfaction.

Cocolis, the first co-transportation site.

Today it is the first service of cotransportation In France. Cocolis already has a community of more than 200,000 people in 3 years of existence.

I worked for 5 years for one of the first French online furniture sales sites. Then 5 years at La Redoute, pioneer of VAD and leader in e-commerce.

This tells you if I have experienced questions of logistics costs, customer satisfaction, deliveries that go wrong, etc.

The idea of Cocolis

The idea was born from a double observation: shipping an object can be very expensive for an individual, especially if it is heavy or bulky, while many vehicles travel with an empty trunk.

By connecting these people, Cocolis promotes economical, social and ecological practices. Everyone is there: some pay less for their shipping, others reimburse part of their transport costs while providing a service. The environment is not left out because by optimizing existing routes rather than creating new ones, we reduce pollutant emissions.

Drawing on our experiences, we have created a more reliable, easy, humane, inexpensive and ecological delivery service.

The benefits of Cocolis

The delivery man is not anonymous, and he has time.

People connected through Cocolis receive each other's name and telephone number. In addition, they agree on the traveler's departure and arrival time. People talk to each other and trust each other. The carpooler warns, for example, by an SMS or a phone call in the event of a delay or setback. Also, each package is delivered by hand.

The delivery man is careful.

When going through Cocolis, a package only needs 3 pairs of hands. Packages do not travel on conveyor belts or pass from vehicle to vehicle. In addition, individuals are careful.

For comparison with the barometer, instead of the 36% declaring a product damaged during transport... the rate is only 0.2% via Cocolis. It's 180 times less and above all, almost zero! However, tens of thousands of goods have already passed through Cocolis.

The customer is happy.

It seems essential to us to create a solution offering an exceptional satisfaction rate for large parcels and heavy, fragile goods. That's why we're proud of Cocolis' NPS of 80.01.

What if we delivered your B2B or B2C packages with Cocolis?

For the Cocolis team, offering an efficient and reliable delivery solution is essential. Cocolis has a constantly growing community. This allows us today to display an excellent matching rate for each delivery request published on the site.

Building on the success of Cocolis for C2C, we are now deploying it for B2C and B2B. We are happy to help deliver better.

We already work with more than 850 (e-)retailers, whether they are antique dealers, second-hand dealers, booksellers, mechanics, etc.

What they have in common is the fact that they had difficulty finding a reliable delivery solution for heavy, difficult-to-package and fragile goods. Before knowing Cocolis.

We are launching an API to be able to easily connect Cocolis to your site. We are ready to help you resolve your delivery issues. If you would like to chat with us, write to for the attention of Juliette.

You can also send us your needs, ideas and suggestions, we are listening!

See you soon !

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