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Anne-Lorraine Reinbolt, Marketing & Communication Officer, Farvest
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With a grand total of 320 applications across 8 categories, Pitch Your Startup (PYSU) has once again stirred interest from young innovative companies worldwide. The semi-finals of the Supply Chain category will take place next September 15th, 2020, with 12 startups pitching their solutions to a jury of local and international experts.

So, who are the 12 finalists?

Flowlity (France): “A Supply Chain software that is bringing Amazon supply chain efficiency to all manufacturers in the world. Our SaaS platform is a network that is connecting you with your suppliers and customers and computing in real time the optimal stock level and replenishment using a combination of artificial intelligence and optimization”

ffly4u (Luxembourg): ”Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence embedded in its devices, ffly4u -Industrial IoT specialist- goes beyond the classic geolocation, temperature and movement monitoring functions and meets the very specific needs of its 5 business verticals”

Searoutes (France): “ is the first distance calculation service that makes use of real historic shipvoyages that have been recorded by AIS-signals. So, it is by far more accurate than all other existing distance tables or calculators”

OneStock (France): “OneStock is the provider of an Agile Omnichannel Cloud for Retail. This complete set of plug and play omnichannel scenarios allows retailers to easily connect demand with every corner of their brand” (Poland): “Nomagic created the first intelligent robotic arm, by teaching it to understand its surroundings and take the right decisions by itself, so that warehouse operators can easily reduce costs, circumvent labor shortages & scale to more shifts”

GAMMA Technologies (Luxembourg): “GAMMA AR is an application for monitoring construction sites, it uses augmented reality technology on mobile devices to digitally visualize BIM blueprints on top of reality, allowing users to actively prevent construction errors in real-time”

Connecting Food (France): “Connecting Food helps brands prove their promises by tracing and digitally auditing supply chains, using blockchain as a trusted 3rd party. We transform that data into a QR code & WebApp to showcase product origin & transparency to consumers”

CargoX (Slovenia): “The CargoX BDT Platform enables digital transfer of documents of title (B/L, L/C, C/O, etc) in supply chain, financial, and other industries, and the ownership thereof with an auditable, immutable, unequivocal neutral public Ethereum blockchain tech”

OQ Technology (Luxembourg): “OQ Technology Sarl is building a global satellite constellation dedicated for « Internet-of-Things » communication that can provide connectivity anywhere, especially in remote and rural areas”

TILKAL (France): “Tilkal is a software infrastructure that applies blockchain networks and big data analytics to deliver end-to-end, real-time traceability across supply chains for greater control, security and transparency”

Eurasia Marketplace / Click2Rail (France): “Click2Rail is a SaaS platform that enables manufacturers, railway operators, freight forwarders and logistic companies to spot and book empty slots of available wagons, tanks or containers in real time”

MyrLabs (Singapore): “Our NaviStar Positioning System provides server-free positioning data for robots to overcome the limitations of LIDAR navigation. With NaviStar, robots can function in areas with glass and crowds, and move at up to 8m/s in air and on ground”

The winning startup will be announced on September 15th in early afternoon and will later join the Finalists in the other categories of the Grand Finale – HR Tech, Smart Mobility, FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, Cybersecurity, AI / Machine Learning & Big Data – to be held in the evening, on the same day.


REGISTER HERE using the free invitation code PYSUSC to – remotely – witness the Grand Finale from the comfort of your favorite place, and discover the winner of the €50,000 cash prize cross-categories offered by Docler Holding.



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