WEBINAR: How does IoT optimize equipment fleet management solutions?

Connected objects enable significant optimization of activities and thus contribute to the evolution of the Supply Chain. SprintProject, ambassador of Smart Supply, a Supply Chain of tomorrow, connected to all “Smart” ecosystems, wanted to highlight the Internet of Things (IOT in English) through Sigfox technology. Thought by…

Digital SITL: Return to the Webinar on Smart Supply

Over time, Supply Chain has replaced the common term “Logistics”, which has military origins. However, it remains in constant evolution to adapt to consumer requirements, called Smart Supply. The “Smart Supply” or Supply Chain of the future represents the common thread in the evolution of our businesses. It highlights a…

Adapt your supply chain to the COVID-19 context with IOT

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the fragility of global supply chains. Companies are seeking to best understand a future marked by numerous factors of uncertainty: resumption of the US-China trade war, bankruptcies of companies weakened by the crisis, weakening of the banking sector, possible second wave of the health crisis, etc. This context…

Optimizing the Supply Chain from A to Z using IoT

In the digital age, consumption habits have greatly evolved and given rise to an almost immediate need for satisfaction among consumers. So, in normal times, buyers expect that the products they want will always be available and delivered in record time. According to a study conducted by OpinionWay, the time to…


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