Second-Life Batteries to power the electrical grid 

visuel principal article blog MobEnergy

A decarbonized world = an electric 100% world When we talk about “decarbonizing our world”, we forget to talk about the massive electrification that awaits us. The end of fossil fuels and thermal vehicles inevitably takes us towards an “electric 100%” world. Let’s take mobility for example: 31% responsible for greenhouse gas emissions…

Revolutionizing Energy Storage: The Role of Carbon-Negative Power Generation

visuel article blog Reverion

The transition to a future without fossil fuels is one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. Indeed, the problem is more urgent today than ever. However, still 85 % of global CO2 emissions come from the combustion of fossil fuels. We still depend on electricity produced from…

Autoproduction of Renewable Energy: Revolutionizing Road Business Models

Visuel principal articleblog DB Schenker

Heading towards new economic models of renewable energy in local self-production/self-consumption for road freight transport. In this era of energy transition, self-production and local self-consumption of renewable energies (EnR) play a crucial role in the transformation of road freight transport warehouses. This article explores how this development contributes to the reduction…

The SprintProject Methodology to Accelerate your Innovation Strategy!

Méthodologie SprintProject blog évaluation start-up

We are delighted to share with you the SprintProject methodology which characterizes our approach to supporting large companies in their innovation strategy, from strategic thinking to the implementation of concrete solutions. Our methodological approach is based on three fundamental pillars: strategic monitoring, analysis and project management. Monitoring Method…

From craft to manufacturing: the explosion of new urban delivery vehicles ... or 50 shades of green

Fraikin article blog

By displaying the ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Union is deploying real backward planning in the various member states. 2035, that's it, the date is engraved in European marble. From that year, it will be prohibited to sell new gasoline and diesel cars and light utility vehicles, in…

Less gadgets, more pragmatism for the CES 2023

Visuel Rimowa LVMH blog SprintProject

I had the privilege of participating in CES 2023. It was a first for me, and I really wanted to invest the time to participate in this gigantic show highlighting innovation in the broad sense and meeting with startups from around the world. Omnipresence of FrenchTech: what a great showcase! In particular, I was…

Wallonia: the Supply Chain is at the core of the stakes of the 2023 CES in Las Vegas

Visuel principal Wallonia blog SprintProject

CES Las Vegas took place at the beginning of January and once again, this show proved to be an unmissable show for the technologies of the future. This has once again established itself as the global meeting place for Tech. It is also becoming a living room…

Logistics for the city and with the city

Food E-commerce business models, with a few rare exceptions, do not achieve profitability. Particularly those that rely on home delivery in urban areas. At the same time, cities that are legitimately looking for “breathing space” are suddenly changing road flows by limiting main access and prioritizing road trips…


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