Urban delivery faces multiple and interdependent challenges

In the current context of ecological and climate crisis, consumption patterns are evolving in parallel and the notion of urban delivery is increasingly mentioned. Today, urban delivery can correspond to different types of flows that can have several uses and operated by general operators or by specialized third parties (individuals or…

Liquid hydrogen vectors, the missing link between hydrogen and the world of Supply Chain

What if the supply converted to hydrogen? Hydrogen has its place in the carbon-free transport sector. A little chemistry to start. Hydrogen (H2) is a gas that can be produced by electrolysis, that is, by breaking water molecules with electricity. And this without any emissions. We're talking about green hydrogen...

Webinar: Hydrogen, an energy of the future for the Supply Chain?

Visuel principal article webinar hydrogène SprintProject

Today, more than ever, the Supply Chain must prepare for the future. Innovation doesn’t wait! SprintProject hunter in Open Innovation and data expert on Smart Supply subjects analyzes new trends and innovations likely to pivot the sector and acculturates and supports the Supply Chain and Retail ecosystem on these subjects. Tuesday May 5…

From the hydrogen revolution

It is a priori a revolution: on September 3, CNH Industrial, parent company of Iveco and Heuliez, announced a strategic alliance with Nikola, a North American manufacturer of hydrogen electric trucks, whose first models do not are not yet marketed. For the first time, a major European heavy goods vehicle manufacturer is officially making the switch to hydrogen.…

The place of electricity in the logistics of tomorrow

Logistics in the process of changing Logistics is changing, that is undeniable. Each of the innovations in the sector tends to better understand the challenges of tomorrow and to evolve in this direction. The growth of e-commerce and express delivery are forcing everyone to review their copy. We must now deliver as quickly as possible,…


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